Autism Learning

autism learning

We provide outstanding autism learning in Miami, FL. We provide an individualized curriculum of the student's needs and potential by collecting and analyzing background and present information such as: parent interview questions, administering pre and post testing, observing student during testing and classroom activities, studying their past IEP, Therapy Evaluations, and Psychological exams.

Student's behavior needs are supported and directed by the use of several tools such as: schedules, token economy, social script/rules, choice making, modeling, skill building, verbal/visual praise and home implementation of behavioral modifications.

Thanks to our experience, you can rely on us as an autism instructor. Once you see what we have to offer as an autism learning academy, we know you’ll choose us again. We provide the best solutions for development delays. If you know anyone who needs specialized education for their children, you can refer them to us. Go ahead and contact AKTIV Learning Academy today!


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