Autism Services

autism services

AKTIV Learning Academy is known for caring autism services. Because of our fantastic autism teachers, we have been recognized as an incredible learning academy for students who need specialized attention. We begin by arranging the environment for optimal learning experience through meeting our students sensory needs.

All classroom overhead lighting is covered with a light filter to reduce flicker and glare. The classroom environment is non-cluttered both on the walls and ground area to reduce distractions. The classroom daily routine is structured with visuals schedules for both group and individuals. Sensory equipment and toys are also provided such as seat cushions, pressure or weighted vest, putty, squeeze balls, elastic bands, exercise balls, trampoline, sensory brushes, beanbags and headphones.

Our autism scholarship program speaks for itself and AKTIV Learning Academy welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you. When you think of autism development, we know that AKTIV Learning Academy will be the first name that comes to mind in Miami, FL. For a special development academy, we are the ones to call. Get on the phone with AKTIV Learning Academy today!


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